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Tuesday, 04 February 2014 Server,Software,Mail Server& ADS

Server,Software,Mail Server& ADS

Server virtualization  has been a game-changing and advance technology for IT, providing efficiency and capabilities that just aren't possible when constrained within a physical world, We are focusing on it primarily and also we support,Active Directory Services and Exchange mail server deploy as primarily and also implemented it in various field in corporate sectors as per the customer easy to access with user friendly environment.We have implemented Secure Email Server in Cloud Environment also we have implemented and designed the total structure  shared resources and the ability to delegate administrative control over resources integrated public key infrastructure (PKI) services,Domain-based DFS, Group Policies where appropriate when the user need to administrate. 

We offer a broad range of Server security solution,Customize user friendly Software designed to help you safeguard your information assets, pursue new business initiatives and also We can address and help you integrate both server security and physical security as per your requirements.Our Technician will assist you to setup and install any security software like (Antivirus, Firewall etc.) also configure it properly so that no one would access your computer without your permission.We have experienced security professionals with experience solving Server and desktop level security problems for end user to Corporate.We support Antivirus,OS,Notebook,Printer,Scanner and deigital devices.We Support All Microsoft Windows products including OS and applications along with security software and so on.We sale and support Antivirus,OS,Software packages,and so on.In corporate and public sector enterprises ,We have implemented over 70% of ADS,Exchange deployment.Also we sell and maintain computer workstation,server and other network accessories.we are focusing on Distribution and software and web solution.We design and implemented all corporate model employees infra with deploy ADS and exchange server to initiate link in between a organization.We are the leading organization having the skill and potential to serve and provide a better It and non it services through our channel partner.

Mission: Our primary objective is to take care of our customers. We earn our customers' trust by serving them in a reliable, timely,and helpful manner, by providing high quality service at a reasonable price, and by actively taking initiative to meet their needs.We develop long-term relationships that promote mutual growth and prosperity. We value honesty, creativity, productivity, and loyalty, and we encourage independent thinking and teamwork.Our co-workers are the foundation of our success. We at Satyam Tech Support consider ourselves a family. We trust and care for each other and treat everyone with respect. We openly communicate our accomplishments and mistakes so we can learn from each other. We strive to live balanced lives in work, love and play. We are confident of our future and point with pride to the way we run our business, care for our community, and treat each other.

We are one of the leading IT consultant & seller among top 20 organization having 3000+ happy clients countrywide, also having 200+ more business partners.

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